The Kindergarten Classroom

In the kindergarten classroom, students begin their day with the morning meeting. Social and emotional growth is supported through participation in group games, singing, acting, singing, speech and guided discussions. Literacy, math, science and art are incorporated in daily hands-on activities related to themes of the seasons and subjects of interest to the students.

Each day students utilize our outdoor classroom – a natural space where there are opportunities for climbing, balancing, digging, building, woodworking, gardening, large muscle movement and environmental exploration. In addition to actively using large muscles to run, jump, balance and dance, students strengthen their fine motor skills through, crafting, drawing and writing.

During free choice time, students may be found exploring a variety of areas, including dramatic play, reading loft, block building, math lab and creation station. A variety of recycled and natural loose materials are openly supplied as tools used to scaffold the students’ own imaginative ideas and to link academic learning.

Adjacent to our gathering space is our art room, where students are encouraged to draw, sculpt, paint and design each day.