Cooperative early learning environments are created by a group of like-minded parents who hire a trained teacher. Parents share in the governing and operations of the school and assist in the classroom.

Joining a cooperative school, like Hillsboro Parent Preschool + Kindergarten, brings the benefit of:

  • A fantastic adult to child ratio – usually one adult for every 4.5 children (or better!)
  • The opportunity to be directly engaged in your child’s education
  • A community of parents committed to the same educational values
  • Resume-building positions

Families who enroll at a cooperative school, like Hillsboro Parent Preschool + Kindergarten, commit to:

  • Hold a support job or board position
  • Parent-teach in the classroom
  • Assist with fundraising
  • Assist with facility maintenance
  • Attend required trainings and meetings


Parent Child preschools Organization (PCPO) is a nonprofit organization of more than 60 cooperative preschools and kindergartens with a membership of approximately 2,400 families and teachers.

PCPO was founded in 1956 by eight Portland preschools to promote the exchange of ideas among schools and to aid in the forming of new co-ops.  PCPO is an affiliate of Parent Cooperative Preschools International (PCPI), whose purpose is to cross state and national boundaries sharing the philosophy that “children, parents, and teachers go to school together, each learning from the other.”

Parent Cooperative Preschools International (PCPI) is a non-profit advocacy group for cooperative preschools worldwide. NBCP is a member of this organization. To learn more about the cooperative approach, visit their website at