Outdoor Preschool Gear List

Keeping your children warm, dry, and comfortable as they play outdoors for hours.

Base Layers:

Ensure your child has at least two pairs of top and bottoms. Prioritize materials that are warm, soft against the skin, and allow for easy movement. Merino wool is highly recommended, although polyester blends and thick leggings have proven successful as well. Note that cotton lacks sufficient warmth. If investing in cozy gear, consider prioritizing Merino base layers.

Recommended Brands: REI, Columbia, Mountain Wearhouse, Helly Hansen, Patagonia, L.L. Bean

Middle Layers:

For the top, any combination of fleece jacket, puffy jacket, or wool sweaters will suffice, focusing on insulating materials. For the bottom, opt for thick leggings or fleece pants.

Recommended Brands: Old Navy, Patagonia, Lands End, Eddie Bauer, REI

Outer Layers:

Invest in WATERPROOF clothing, including rainpants (preferably rain bibs) and a rain jacket. Purchase a size up to allow for mobility and additional layers underneath.

Recommended Brands: Grundens, Helly Hansen, Polarn O. Pyret

Other Layers:

Ensure your child has a hat, neck gaiter, regular socks, and thick wool socks, as well as insulated boots (ideally Bogs for durability), wool mittens, and waterproof mittens to layer over them.

Gear Notes:

-During winter, your child may require all layers, while in other seasons, layering depends on the weather. Typically, children arrive at school wearing base layers and rain layers, with additional mid layers packed in their backpacks if needed.

(Refer to the illustrated cheat sheet below)

-Expect your child to get muddy, which they’ll likely enjoy. Have a bag or bin in your car for post-school cleanup to avoid dirtying your vehicle. Your child can ride home in their base layers.

-Potty accidents are common, so ensure each child has a bag of spare clothes: a full change of base layers, a pair of fleece pants, and a couple of pairs of underwear.