What You Will Not See In Our Classrooms:

*One teacher lecturing the entire group at once

*Worksheets to color

*Identical product-oriented art projects

*Everyone doing the same thing, at the same time, all day long

*Perfectly clean clothing and bodies

*A climbing structure or swing set on the playground

What You WILL See In Our Classrooms

*Adults scattered through the classroom supporting individuals or small groups in exploration and play (ex: an adult writing down a story that a child is telling)

*Children, alone and in small groups, exploring their world through materials and ideas

*Children expressing their understanding of the world with their bodies, tools, art media, light, natural materials, drama, music, and both written and spoken word

*For a short time each day, children and adults gathered together for activities designed to build a sense of community

*Paint or mud on hands and feet

*An environment that encourages children to be independent as well as to negotiate and collaborate with peers and adults (ex: creating their own obstacle course with stumps and planks)