Shared Responsibility

At Hillsboro Parent Preschool and Kindergarten, families parent-teach in the classroom, hold a support job or board position, assist with fundraising, assist with facility maintenance and attend required trainings and meetings.


Classroom parent teachers attend mandatory trainings in the fall to educate them about classroom procedures, developmentally appropriate practices, and conflict resolution. For insurance purposes, parents may not bring siblings into the classroom while they parent teach. While referred to as “parent teachers,” these may be grandparents, guardians, and friends depending on what works for each individual family.


Blue Class parents assist in the classroom one to two times a month.

Green Class parents assist in the classroom two to three times a month.

There are three parent teachers in the preschool classroom each day who assist the teacher while assuming specific roles. The three daily roles are designated as:

A Parent – Art parent
B Parent – Blocks & Books parent
C Parent – Snack parent
E Parent – Emergency parent

Over the course of the year each parent teacher will serve as A, B, C and E parent a number of times.


Kindergarten  parents assist in the classroom three to four times a month.

In the Kindergarten classroom, there will be a maximum of two parent teachers assisting the teacher each day. Each parent provides general assistance to the teacher.


Each family signs up for one work party during the year. The purpose of work parties is to assist with preschool maintenance. These work parties are not only a chance to help improve the condition of the school’s equipment, but they also afford a chance to interact with other parents, without children in tow. One parent may attend for the total time, or two parents may attend for half the time.

Additionally, in the fall parents from Green Class and kindergarten devote three hours to assisting the teacher with the classroom set up. In the spring, Blue Class parents devote three hours to assisting the teacher with putting the classroom away for the summer.

Families may also choose to reduce their cleaning fee by cleaning the school one weekend per year.


Our fundraising goal is met each year primary through our annual dinner and auction led by the Ways & Means committee. Most items are procured from local and regional business and organizations. Each family is expected to contribute an auction item, support event logistics, attend and have fun!


Each family must hold one support job or board position. Upon enrollment each family completes a short survey designed to assess interest and skills. Support jobs are assigned based on results of survey.