The Preschool Classroom

Our preschool classroom has several areas where the children may be seen busily playing. A large area for building with blocks is in the center of the room. Here you will also find small animals, jewels, action figures, cars, and other interesting objects which capture the attention of preschoolers. Nearby is the sensory table, which on any given day can feature anything from colored ice sculptures to shaving cream, from beans, to corn meal, all tactile matter to which children gravitate.

In one corner of the main room is a kitchen. Food, dishes, babies, baby furniture, and dress up clothes open the door to imaginative role play. This area sometimes transforms into a store, a photo studio, a mail room, and a stage for performing.

The loft area promotes climbing, balancing and large muscle activity. Large soft blocks are also found near here which the children may create with.

The quiet room boasts materials which children may access for kid-led projects, as well as a cozy quiet area with many books, and a listening station. Puzzles and games are also featured in this area of the classroom.

An art room is equipped with magnetic wall easels and access to any color of paint you want to use or mix for daily painting opportunities. Each day there is also a special art project that children may participate in. The art room also has clay and play dough.

In the snack area, children are able to choose their food, help themselves to what they want, and clean up after themselves, distributing dishes, recycling, and trash in the appropriate areas.