Our philosophy is firmly based around child-led discovery.

There are no formal worksheets or assigned desks.  Our open classroom allows children to move between learning centers, where they may develop and practice different skills.  Play is done with intention and parent teachers are there to scaffold the child.

Children represent their perception of their world through play.  S.T.E.A.M. is integrated throughout our day.  Building with blocks is the physical application of physics and mathematics.  Painting is conceptualizing the imagination and bringing form in art.  Sculpting clay and exploring mud is Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics at its core.  

HPP children learn to express their needs, their emotions, and their insights with the acquisition and use of language in all forms.  These skills become the cornerstone that allows even our youngest members to relate to their peers, their environment, and their ideas with confidence.  Our preschoolers are encouraged to engage their environment and their peers at their pace.  We strive to create a safe and respectful space for all children.  In doing so, they build confidence and a love of learning.  This confidence becomes the foundation for a successful academic career in the future.

At Hillsboro Parent Preschool, we see the whole child.

We understand our society places a great deal of emphasis on developing the academic child.  We have found this has left a void in the social growth of many young children.  Our philosophy is deeply rooted, not only in supporting a child’s social and emotional education, but also in expanding a parent’s many skills and strengths.  Our members learn to navigate conflict in a healthy and loving manner – with empathy and compassion.