Member Expectations

Each family is expected to attend the auction. Save the date for Saturday, November 4, 2023. This evening is a fun way to connect with the community and support our school. Plan ahead to arrange childcare and enjoy an evening out. Invite family and friends to join us. 

Each family is expected to help with an aspect of running the auction. You will sign up for jobs as we get closer to the event. We need help with set-up and décor, guest check in/out, raffle and game sales. 

Each family is expected to contribute an item or a service to the auction. This can be something you personally own or make a connection to a local business that hasn’t donated before, or a friend who will donate something. You can also partner up with a family to host a party or donate an item to add to a current basket. Any questions? Please ask your Ways and Means Team.


Procurement Strategies & Ideas

The following are some ideas for personal donations or ideas to give out to our donors:

Handmade/homemade treasures:
Usually, the most popular and competitive items at our auction are handmade treasures created by our very own members, alumni or close family and friends. Do you have a skill, art, craft, talent or ability? Or know someone who does?


  • Ceramic pottery/wooden bowls

  • Quilted blanket

  • Beaded jewelry

  • Painted canvas portrait

  • Woodworking – especially children’s items


Gift Baskets:

Make your own with stuff around the house, plus supplementing with store bought items. Get together with a few friends to put one together, or simply donate a small piece, and the Auction Team will come up with the rest to create the basket. 


  • Spa basket – soaps, bath salts

  • Tea/coffee basket – tea, coffee, mugs, etc.

  • Homemade goodies – jam, cookies, etc.

  • Romance basket – wine, glasses, candles, etc.

  • Picnic basket – crackers, cheese, paper plates, etc.

Can you or someone you know (friend or relative) offer a service?


  • Housecleaning

  • Babysitting

  • Massage

  • Dog Walking / Boarding

  • Attorney Services

  • Photography

  • Lessons of any kind (music, dance, yoga, sewing, cooking)

  • Handyman Services

Fun activities/vacations:


  • Grand Meal – a gourmet meal prepared for a limited number of guests

  • Beach / Mountain house rental – very popular items for the live auction

  • Guided Camping or Rafting Trip

  • Host a Party – cocktails & films, spa day, crafting, farm or nature day

  • Children’s Theme Parties

Items around the house (items in excellent condition only please!)

Solicitation of goods/services from businesses:

Our Ways and Means team will be doing most of the soliciting of businesses, but if you have an idea you’d like to try, feel free to pass the name on to us or contact them yourself. Just be sure to check with one of the Ways & Means team members before approaching the business to make sure you’re not duplicating efforts.


Remember, these are just ideas. Use your own imagination and have fun with it.