We’re proud that our community includes four decades of alumni! More than one-thousand families have been members of our school. Some families have even had multi-generational attendance! 

Our members complete their time at our school well-versed in the many options for elementary school and pursue every kind of elementary school education for their children. Many enroll in their local public school, some request in-district transfers, others choose private school, charter school or home school.

No matter the option they choose, our alumni families guide their children into the next phase of education with confidence and skills and continue to be engaged contributors to their child's education.


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"There are many reasons we love this community: exceptional teachers, hands-on learning through play, outside every day, high level of family involvement, but the emphasis on teaching children skills to communicate and resolve conflicts independently with confidence, kindness and respect is at the top of our list." Mariann & Dave | Current Kindergarten Parents & Parents of an Alumna

"This is what kindergarten is supposed to be. This is a place where children are given materials to explore, freedom to pursue their passions, encouraged to learn from the world around them and where their sense of wonder is nurtured." Angie & Patrick | Alumni Parents

"Our oldest daughter attended HPP (before there was a K) four years ago and it was the absolute best experience! Now that our younger daughter has joined our family through adoption, we are thrilled that she gets to share the same experiences her sister had and continue them into kindergarten at HPPK." Loraena & Josh | Alumni Parents

"We believe early education is the foundation for future learning and the best skill we can give our children is a love of learning. HPPK is an investment in their future. We’re delighted to see their joy along with growing confidence, independence and eagerness to explore." Kyle & Martha | Current Kindergarten Parents & Parents of an Alumna

"When our daughter was ready for Kindergarten, we needed a school that would encourage her curiosity and continue to build her conflict resolution skills.  HPPK was that place. This exceptional play-based education nurtured our daughter's developing problem solving skills, both social and academic, and celebrated her enthusiasm." Elizaebeth & Micah | Alumni Parents